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When we lose a loved one we lose a piece of ourselves we are angry it is never easy and it feels like nothing will console you. It depends on how you lost your loved one you can feel confused, guilty, resentment and wondering how can life ever be the same without that loved one. Let me assist you through the process of finding your way to

Celebrate the Beauty of Life Again.

Andrea Manigat


I am Andrea Manigat, Certified Grief Coach Speaker and Mentor.

I lost my daughter tragically at the age of 16. My life ended with hers but as a survivor, see “survive” means to remain alive, this is where I began my grief and found a way to heal.  But what I do know is that death is not the end, but rather a notable occasion where I continue to honor my daughter’s life.  I’ve dedicated my life to not only healing myself but assisting other families to heal from the tragic loss of their loved one.

It is my mission to go through the wilderness with grieving women who have lost a loved one to a tragedy be it suicide, accident, gun violence or an event that happened suddenly to assist you in reconnecting with your own inner resources and take the steps to regain momentum, peace, and joy again.

Certified Grief Coach - Andrea Manigat

Private Coaching

Together we work through the grieving process one step at a time and create a plan of action.

In a private one to one coaching, I use my own experiences to help work through painful feelings of loss, abandonment, and sadness you may be experiencing. This is a private intimate journey you don’t have to go on this journey alone neither do you have to go through the frustration of feelings of anxiety,  loneliness and having sleepless nights.

The initial support and understanding of relatives and friends may soon be exhausted, but I can be with you for as long as you need me.

I help you look to the future rather than focus on the past. It allows you to focus on the process of dealing with grief and loss and any new responsibilities you face, such as parenting or financial matters.

Learn more about how I can take you on a journey of rediscovering how to Celebrate the Beauty of Life Again.

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