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Andrea Manigat

When you lose the one you love it can feel like the whole world has shut down. I lost my daughter at the age of 16 in 2011 it was the worst day of my life. Every day I pray that I would wake up from what felt was a bad dream but it was real and realizing this did not make it any better. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of this nightmare my life was constantly on replay living with anger and the disgust of my daughter being killed by a gunshot wound. She wasn’t ill it just happened but what I discovered was that all the hate, self hate bitterness of the person who did this didn’t change anything and though it took me quite a journey losing friends, family and changing career and ultimately rediscovering my what it meant to live life again.

Although I realize the pain will never go away it’s a way to live with the new normal of who I am and that is why I have devoted my life to assisting other persons overcome the grief they are experiencing. I tried everything from therapy to support groups but what I discovered there is another way to celebrate the beauty of life again and honor the one you love.

I generally support clients dealing with grief. I use my own experiences to help work through the painful feelings of loss, abandonment and sadness. The initial support and understanding of relatives and friends may soon be exhausted, but I can be with you for as long as you need me.

It is my mission to assist grieving women in reconnecting with the inner resources that give life meaning again. So that you can create a new beginning and take the steps that will restore momentum, peace and joy.


Andrea Manigat is a Certified Grief & Renewal Coach, Mentor, and Speaker.

She goes through the wilderness with grieving women so that they can connect with your inner resources that give your life meaning again so that you can create a new beginning and take the steps that will restore momentum, peace, and joy. She partners with Mother’s of Murdered Offsprings to ensure the victims' families are supported after the homegoing services. She has a degree in Respiratory Therapy and is a Real Estate Investor.

She is an avid traveler, love to read, spend time with her family and her dog Star.

Learn more about my story in this interview on WBTV:

Grief to Gratitude

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