How to Cope With Grief


Andrea Manigat


Life will always bring trauma at some points. It may come in the form of the loss of a loved one or being separated from a partner. Whatever traumatic event you may have to face, grieving is normal and even necessary after such occurrences.

Rather than try to run away from this, it’s very much advisable to accept it and live it through. It’s the natural process that follows every major loss. Although we all handle grief differently, below are some of the tips that can help you live through it.


Express yourself

You may find a little help in expressing yourself. You should consider talking to friends, family members, a health professional, or even a counselor. This can help you start the healing and recovery process.


Accept the sadness setting in

This is where the healing starts. Allowing yourself to feel the sadness brought about by the current trauma is one part of the grieving process you should endeavor to accept.


Keep your normal routine

It’s no doubt difficult to live normal under abnormal circumstances. Still, you necessarily don’t have to stop living. Try as much to follow the routine of your daily life as this can help.


Sleep and eat well

If you’re emotionally strained, you’re bound to feel tired. If this is, however, robbing you of your sleep, perhaps you’ll need to see your GP. You also have to eat well too, to help you cope with reality.


Don’t indulge in alcohol or drugs

People are often tempted to want to numb the pain, but the dark cloud sets in a little darker after the numbness is all gone. Don’t indulge in drugs or alcohol as it will only worsen the healing process.


You can also see a Coach or Counselor

If you feel you’re ready, you may go ahead to see a counselor. This can be anywhere from a couple of weeks or months after the incident.



Although there is no one formula that works for all situations, the tips above will still help better the situation to a considerable extent.

Grieving is normal and acceptable, but remember there is still a life to live. Life will bring difficult moments but remember as well that this too shall surely pass.


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