How to Live in Happiness about Death


Andrea Manigat


Someone once said;

Do not take life too serious, you won’t get out of it alive!

While this may sound funny, there is a great truth to it; we’ll all die one day!

But does that scare you? The thoughts of leaving the surface of this earth, being separated from everyone and everything you care about can sadden or scare many people. However, you can always embrace this without fear and even with happiness.

But how exactly can you live in happiness even when you know death is imminent and inevitable?


Embrace today and do what you love

You’ll have to embrace your today and choose those things you want to do. Let me ask you. If today happens to be your last day on earth, would you rather continue picking up the clutter in your home at the expense of your son’s recital? Would you rather worry about lesser things while ignoring the important ones?

As much as it’s good to live for others and impact other people, you’ll still need to choose to do that which you want for yourself. Knowing that death will eventually come someday, you’ll be better off choosing those things that seem the most valuable to you.


What about love?

Even when you have all of the assets of this world to help you live a wonderful life, you’ll still need love which you can only find in your human assets. Your human assets are your children, significant other, family members, friends, etc. if today were to be your last day on earth; would you spend it mowing the lawn, reading a novel, or spend some time with your dear ones? Why not start sharing your love with the people dear to you now or would you rather wait till the lastmoment? Unfortunately enough, we never can tell when that will be.


Your attitude towardslife should change

You’ll have to create more adventures for yourself and appreciate the good things in life whether small or good. It can help to escalate your satisfaction with life and the accompanying happiness to greater levels.

Rather than continue to scare yourself with the possibility of death, let this spur you on to live a better life. Make the most of each new day and every other day until there are no more days.

Doing this, you’ll be able to live each day without fear but with more pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction.


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