Journey From Grief to Gratefulness

My programs are designed to take you through that steps of your personal journey that are necessary in order for you to regain your inner peace, meaning, and joy.


Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Happiness?



Celebrate the Beauty of Life Again

A dynamic, restorative getaway

I have also learned getting away from your natural environment is an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and to find peace and joy again after losing a loved one. I will be hosting some retreats.

Private Coaching

Unmasking Pain and Grief

16 x 1hr sessions

During our time together you will welcome the opportunity of being supported, listened to, and guided as you move forward to get you reconnected to life and laughter. Sixteen private 1:1 coaching calls.
Coaching is an ongoing relationship to help you achieve your goals. A commitment of 4 months is required.

This is to ensure optimal results to receive the benefits listed below.

- Discover who you are after loss

- Determine thoughts that keep you stuck

- Make Peace with the Past

- Move towards your future with purpose and clarity