Private Coaching

Unmasking Pain and Grief


During our time together you will welcome the opportunity of being supported, listened to, and guided as you move forward to get you reconnected to life and laughter. Coaching is an ongoing relationship to help you achieve your goals.

A commitment of 6 months is required. This is to ensure optimal results to receive the benefits as in the package below.

Step One: Self-awareness and exploring the inner and outer world around you.

-Acknowledge your seven emotions and assessing your relationship. Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Relationships, Worry, and Anxiety, Anger and Pain.

-What is the story that is keeping you in pain and regret?

-Become conscious of the meaning.


Step Two: Reframing your relationship with the space you are in now

-A New Perspective on Life

-Be Kind to Yourself

-The Energy


Step Three: The Courage to Reopen your Heart

-Self Forgiveness

-Rebuilding Your Belief, rebuilding faith


-Choosing love over fear

-Acceptance of Grief and Gratitude in the same space.


Step Four: Moving Forward and keeping your loved one’s legacy alive

-Connect with your purpose

-Create a new picture life with the space

-Legacy of your loved one

Step Five: Support Systems in place

-Turn to family and friends

-Cultivate a Variety of Exercise

-Take a short affordable trip

-Create a Quiet Sanctuary For Yourself